American Academy of Pediatrics – Section on Pediatric #Pulmonology and #Sleep Medicine

1. Avoid stepping up asthma therapy (adding new drugs or going to higher doses) before assessing adherence, appropriateness of device, and technique with current asthma medications.

2. Do not use LABA/steroid combination drugs as initial therapy for intermittent or mild persistent asthma.

3. Avoid administering nebulized medications by “blow by,” or placing the mask or nebulizer tubing near the child’s nose and mouth rather than securing the mask properly to the face. A t-piece with mouthpiece or face mask should be used instead.

4. Do not interpret pediatric sleep studies using adult standards. Pediatric sleep studies should be performed and interpreted according to pediatric standards, even if performed in a laboratory that predominantly studies adults

5. Do not routinely use airway clearance therapy in conditions such as asthma, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia.