Meta-analysis of Effectiveness of #Statins in Patients with Severe #COVID-19

..Our Pubmed search yielded 274 potential studies. After deduplication and application of the eligibility criteria, four studies with a total of 8,990 COVID-19 patients were included for meta-analysis. Except for Yan et al. which is of moderate quality (5/9), other studies are of good quality (at least 7/9). Study characteristics are provided in Table 1.

The pooled analysis revealed a significantly reduced hazard for fatal or severe disease with the use of statins (Figure 1; pooled HR=0.70; 95% CI 0.53-0.94) compared to non-use of statins in COVID-19 patients. Since our meta-analysis included a fairly large total number of COVID-19 patients from four studies in which 3 are large-scale studies that adjusted extensively for multiple potential confounding factors, the findings can be considered reliable.

Current preliminary findings suggested a reduction in fatal or severe disease by 30% and discredited the suggestion of harms with the use of statins in COVID-19 patients. Much left to be determined on the regimen of statin for the treatment of COVID-19 though available evidence suggests that statin therapy of moderate-to-high intensity could be effective. Nevertheless, we await more data from prospective studies to substantiate our findings. Future well-designed randomized controlled trials are also needed to confirm the benefits of statins in COVID-19 patients.