Association of #Depression, #Anxiety, and Trauma With #Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

..Depression, anxiety, and trauma diagnoses and symptoms were associated with higher odds of cannabis use among pregnant women in California. These results support previous qualitative findings that pregnant women self-report using cannabis to manage mood and stress and suggest a dose-response association, with higher odds of cannabis use associated with co-occurring depressive and anxiety disorders and greater depression severity. However, research is needed to determine the direction of these associations, because cannabis use might also cause or worsen mental health problems during pregnancy

..The health risks of prenatal cannabis use to the fetus are complex and may vary with administration mode and frequency of use; however, no amount of cannabis use during pregnancy has been shown to be safe. Pregnant women should be screened for cannabis use, asked about their reasons for use, educated about potential risks, and advised to quit. Furthermore, early screening for prenatal depression, anxiety, and trauma, and linkage to appropriate interventions might mitigate the risk of prenatal cannabis use..