Shared Genetic Loci Between Body #Mass Index and Major #Psychiatric Disorders A Genome-wide Association Study

People with major psychiatric disorders (MPDs) have a 10- to 20-year shorter life span than the rest of the population, and this difference is mainly due to comorbid cardiovascular diseases..

schizophrenia (SCZ), bipolar disorder (BIP), major depression (MD) body mass index (BMI)

..Of the shared loci, 34% (73 of 213) in SCZ, 52% (36 of 69) in BIP, and 57% (56 of 99) in MD had risk alleles associated with higher BMI (conjunctional false discovery rate <0.05), while the rest had opposite directions of associations. Functional analyses indicated that the overlapping loci are involved in several pathways including neurodevelopment, neurotransmitter signaling, and intracellular processes, and the loci with concordant and opposite association directions pointed mostly to different pathways.

Conclusions and Relevance In this genome-wide association study, extensive polygenic overlap between BMI and SCZ, BIP, and MD were found, and 111 shared genetic loci were identified, implicating novel functional mechanisms. There was mixture of association directions in SCZ and BMI, albeit with a preponderance of discordant ones.