#Alcohol Use Disorder and Risk of #Suicide in a Swedish Population-Based Cohort

..The lifetime rate of suicide during the observation period was 3.54% for women and 3.94% for men with AUD, compared with 0.29% and 0.76% of women and men, respectively, without AUD. In adjusted analyses, AUD remained robustly associated with suicide: hazard ratios across observation periods ranged from 2.61 to 128.0 among women and from 2.44 to 28.0 among men. Co-relative analyses indicated that familial confounding accounted for some, but not all, of the observed association. A substantial and potentially causal relationship remained after accounting for a history of other psychiatric diagnoses.

AUD is a potent risk factor for suicide, with a substantial association persisting after accounting for confounding factors. These findings underscore the impact of AUD on suicide risk, even in the context of other mental illness, and implicate the time frame shortly after a medical or criminal AUD registration as critical for efforts to reduce alcohol-related suicide.