Ethnic influence on #nonalcoholic fatty liver disease prevalence and lack of disease awareness in the United States, 2011–2016

Amongst the study population of 4538 persons, NAFLD prevalence was 32.5%, lowest in non‐Hispanic Blacks (18.0%) and Asians (18.1%), highest amongst Mexican Americans (48.4%). Within the NAFLD group, advanced fibrosis was highest in non‐Hispanic Blacks (28.5%) and lowest amongst non‐Hispanic Asians (2.7%). Of the 1473 (97.5%) NAFLD participants who answered NAFLD awareness question, 90% visited a healthcare centre at least once in the past year, but only 5.1% were aware of having NAFLD. On weighted population estimates, 77.33 million persons had NAFLD, 17.63 million had advanced fibrosis, and 73.39 million NAFLD participants were not aware of having NAFLD.

Of 77.33 million people in the United States have NAFLD with 17.63 million having advanced fibrosis, with lowest prevalence in non‐Hispanic Asians and highest in Mexican Americans. A conundrum exists amongst non‐Hispanic Blacks who have low NAFLD prevalence but highest prevalence of advanced fibrosis. Awareness of NAFLD was low across all ethnicities. Effort is needed to improve disease awareness whilst addressing NAFLD clinical burden across ethnicities.