#Mindfulness-Based Blood #Pressure Reduction (MB-BP): Stage 1 single-arm clinical trial

..Several determinants of hypertension were improved in participants not adhering to American Heart Association guidelines at baseline, including physical activity (p = 0.02), Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension-consistent diet (p<0.001), and alcohol consumption (p<0.001). Findings demonstrated mean 6.1 mmHg reduction in SBP (p = 0.008) at one year follow-up; effects were most pronounced in Stage 2 uncontrolled hypertensives (SBPβ‰₯140 mmHg), showing 15.1 mmHg reduction (p<0.001).

MB-BP has good acceptability and feasibility, and may engage with self-regulation and behavioral determinants of hypertension.