Association of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder With Teenage Birth Among Women and Girls in Sweden

Teenage deliveries were more common among women and girls with #ADHD than among women and girls without ADHD (15.3% vs 2.8%; odds ratio [OR], 6.23 [95% CI, 5.80-6.68]). Compared with women and girls without ADHD, those with ADHD were more likely to present with risk factors for adverse obstetric and perinatal outcomes, including smoking during the third trimester (OR, 6.88 [95% CI, 6.45-7.34]), body mass index less than 18.50 (OR, 1.29 [95% CI, 1.12-1.49]), body mass index more than 40.00 (OR, 2.01 [95% CI, 1.60-2.52]), and alcohol and substance use disorder (OR, 20.25 [95% CI, 18.74-21.88]).

Conclusions and Relevance  This study found that women and girls with ADHD were associated with an increased risk of giving birth as teenagers compared with their unaffected peers. The results suggest that standard of care for women and girls with ADHD should include active efforts to prevent teenage pregnancies