Association of Indoor #Tanning Exposure With Age at #Melanoma Diagnosis and BRAF V600E Mutations

..The 114 patients who reported indoor tanning exposure were younger at diagnosis than the 222 patients who did not (51.5 vs 64.0 years, two-sided P < .001). BRAF V600E genotype was more prevalent in ever-users than in nonusers (42.9% vs 28.3%, two-sided P = .04) and higher in ever-users who initiated indoor tanning prior to age 25 years compared with age 25 years or older (62.2% vs 31.1%, two-sided P = .003). There were more melanomas in intermittently sun-exposed skin in ever-users than nonusers (65.7% vs 51.9%, respectively, two-sided P = .02).

Our data suggest indoor tanning may promote melanomas that arise in skin with low-chronic sun-induced damage through BRAF V600E-mediated melanomagenesis.