Guidelines of care for the management of atopic dermatitis in adults with topical therapies


New evidence has emerged since the 2014 guidelines that further informs the management of AD with topical therapies. These guidelines update the 2014 recommendations for management of atopic dermatitis (AD) with topical therapies.


To provide evidence-based recommendations related to management of AD in adults using topical treatments.


A multidisciplinary workgroup conducted a systematic review and applied the GRADE approach for assessing the certainty of evidence and formulating and grading recommendations.


The workgroup developed 11 recommendations on the management of AD in adults with topical therapies, including non-prescription agents and prescription topical corticosteroids (TCSs), calcineurin inhibitors (TCIs), Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors, phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors (PDE-4), antimicrobials, and antihistamines.


The pragmatic decision to limit the literature review to English-language randomized trials may have excluded data published in other languages and relevant long-term follow-up data.


Strong recommendations are made for the use of moisturizers, TCIs, TCSs, and topical PDE-4 and JAK inhibitors. Conditional recommendations are made for the use of bathing and wet wrap therapy and against the use of topical antimicrobials, antiseptics, and antihistamines