2021 The Effect of Preconception-Initiated Low-Dose #Aspirin on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin–Detected Pregnancy, #Pregnancy Loss, and Live Birth

A previous large randomized trial indicated that preconception-initiated low-dose aspirin (LDA) therapy did not have a positive effect on pregnancy outcomes. However, this trial was subject to nonadherence, which was not taken into account by the intention-to-treat approach..

..Relative to placebo, adhering to LDA for 5 of 7 days per week led to 8 more hCG-detected pregnancies (95% CI, 4.64 to 10.96 pregnancies), 15 more live births (CI, 7.65 to 21.15 births), and 6 fewer pregnancy losses (CI, −12.00 to −0.20 losses) for every 100 women in the trial. In addition, compared with placebo, postconception initiation of LDA therapy led to a reduction in the estimated effects. Furthermore, effects were obtained in a minimum of 4 of 7 days per week.

The EAGeR trial data for this study were analyzed as observational data, thus are subject to the limitations of prospective observational studies.

Per protocol results suggest that preconception use of LDA at least 4 days per week may improve reproductive outcomes for women who have had 1 or 2 pregnancy losses. Increasing adherence to daily LDA seems to be key to improving effectiveness