The rich have one more thing you don’t: Better #sleep

..Of the adults surveyed, only 55% of people living below the poverty threshold received seven to eight hours of sleep per night. For adults making 400% above the poverty threshold, that number rose to 66.6%. In 2014, the poverty threshold was $11,670 for a single-person household and $23,850 for a four-person household.

..Sleep affects many aspects of well-being and quality of life for people of all ages,” Black said. Poor quality sleep has been associated with increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, mental health issues such as depression, and driving accidents, she said.

People with more resources are able to afford homes that are in quieter locations — more space, less people-density and better sound-proofing,” Kline said. “People with more resources can also afford more healthcare when it relates to sleep disorders.”
Adults should be receiving between seven to eight hours of sleep per night, according to the American Sleep Association.

“Too often, we prioritize work and social events over our sleep,” Kline said. “When we don’t receive adequate sleep, we do not function at our peak and we increase the risk for poor health outcomes.”
One of the ways ASA recommends adults get better quality sleep is through creating a sleep schedule. Not waking up and going to sleep around similar times can make people have a higher risk of metabolic disorders, according to the ASA..