#Acne vulgaris and risk of #depression and #anxiety: A meta-analytic review

Several studies have shown an association of acne vulgaris with depression and anxiety, but a quantitative review has not yet been conducted..

Forty-two studies were included. We found a significant association of acne vulgaris with depression ( r = 0.22 [95% confidence interval 0.17-0.26, P < .00001]) and anxiety ( r = 0.25 [95% confidence interval 0.19-0.31, P < .00001]). Subgroup analyses and comparisons showed moderating influences based on factors including age, study setting, and geographic region.

Inconsistency between publications regarding acne and outcome ascertainment, data reporting, and studies with no control group posed considerable barriers to synthesizing all available published literature.

Because of an increased risk for depression and anxiety, clinicians should pursue aggressive treatment of acne and consider psychiatric screening or referrals.