Efficacy and Safety of a 2-Month Formulation of Aripiprazole Lauroxil With 1-Day Initiation in Patients Hospitalized for Acute Schizophrenia Transitioned to Outpatient Care

Evaluate efficacy and safety of a 2-month formulation of aripiprazole lauroxil (AL) with 1-day initiation during hospitalization for acute exacerbation of schizophrenia followed by transition to outpatient care..

The phase 3b double-blind Aripiprazole Lauroxil and Paliperidone palmitate: INitiation Effectiveness (ALPINE) study was conducted from November 2017 to March 2019. Adults with acute schizophrenia according to DSM-5 criteria were randomized (1:1) to AL (AL NanoCrystal Dispersion + oral aripiprazole 30 mg, day 1; AL 1,064 mg, day 8 and every 8 weeks [q8wk]) or paliperidone palmitate (PP 234 mg, day 1; PP 156 mg, day 8 and then q4wk) for 25 weeks.

Patients remained hospitalized ≥ 2 weeks after randomization per protocol. Primary endpoint was within-group change in Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale total score (PANSST) from baseline to week 4. Secondary analyses included within- and between-group changes from baseline at various time points. Adverse events (AEs) and laboratory data were monitored.

Results: A total of 200 patients were randomized (AL, n = 99; PP, n = 101); 56.6% and 42.6%, respectively, completed the study. For AL, the mean baseline PANSST was 94.1; scores were significantly reduced from baseline at week 4 (−17.4; P < .001) and were also reduced at weeks 9 (−19.8) and 25 (−23.3). With PP, PANSST also improved significantly from baseline (94.6) at week 4 (−20.1; P < .001) and also improved at weeks 9 (−22.5) and 25 (−21.7). The 3 most common AEs over 25 weeks in the AL group were injection site pain (17.2%), increased weight (9.1%), and akathisia (9.1%). The same AEs were the most common in the PP group (injection site pain [24.8%], increased weight [16.8%], and akathisia [10.9%]).

Conclusions: AL and PP were efficacious and well-tolerated for initiating treatment of schizophrenia in the hospital and continuing outpatient treatment.