Association between #statin use and incidence or progression of #osteoarthritis: Meta-analysis of observational studies

..A total of 11 studies (679807 participants) were identified from the systematic literature search. No significant association between statin use and incidence (OR = 1.010; 95% CI: 0.968 to 1.055; P = 0.638) or progression (OR = 1.076; 95% CI: 0.824 to 1.405; P = 0.589) of OA was found in our meta-analysis. The meta-analysis according to the symptomatic or radiological OA also found no significant association between statin use and OA. The subgroup analysis showed that atorvastatin (OR = 0.953; 95% CI: 0.911 to 0.998; P = 0.041) and rosuvastatin (OR = 1.180; 95% CI: 1.122 to 1.241; P < 0.0001) had opposite effects on OA. The results of the analysis according to the joint site, interval, and statin dose were all not significant.

Statin use may not be associated with a lower risk of incidence and progression of OA, regardless of joint site. The opposite effects of atorvastatin and rosuvastatin were detected in OA.