#C-reactive protein mediates the association between leisure-time physical #activity and #lung function in middle-aged and older adults

Although previous studies have reported the benefits of physical activity (PA) to lung function in middle-aged and older adults, the biological mechanisms are still unclear..

..Multiple linear regression models suggested that higher PA was associated with lower levels of CRP (β = − 0.048, P = 0.002 for moderate PA; β = − 0.108, P < 0.001 for high PA). CRP negatively correlated with FEV1 (β = − 0.180, P < 0.001) and FVC (β = − 0.181, P < 0.001). Higher levels of PA were associated with better FEV1 (β = 0.085, P < 0.001 for moderate PA; β = 0.150, P < 0.001 for high PA) and FVC (β = 0.131, P < 0.001 for moderate PA; β = 0.211, P < 0.001 for high PA)..

The association between PA and lung function is mediated by CRP, suggesting that this association may be partially explained by an inflammation-related biological mechanism. This finding highlights the possible importance of PA in systemic inflammation and lung function, thus, middle-aged and older adults should be encouraged to enhance PA levels.