Prediction model for #pneumonia in primary care patients with an acute respiratory tract infection: role of symptoms, signs, and biomarkers

Diagnosing pneumonia can be challenging in general practice but is essential to distinguish from other respiratory tract infections because of treatment choice and outcome prediction..

..Two hundred forty-nine patients were included of whom 30 (12%) displayed a consolidation on chest X ray. Absence of runny nose and whether or not a patient felt ill were independent predictors for pneumonia. #CRP predicts pneumonia better than the other biomarkers but adding CRP to the clinical model did not improve classification (βˆ’β€‰4%); however, CRP helped guidance of the decision which patients should be given antibiotics.

Adding CRP measurements to a clinical model in selected patients with an acute respiratory infection does not improve prediction of pneumonia, but does help in giving guidance on which patients to treat with antibiotics. Our findings put the use of biomarkers and chest X ray in diagnosing pneumonia and for treatment decisions into some perspective for general practitioners