Improving mental health in health care practitioners: Randomized controlled trial of a gratitude intervention.

Chronic occupational #stress is common among health care practitioners, with potential impacts on personal mental health and staff turnover. This study investigated whether directing practitioners’ attention to #thankful events in work could reduce stress and depressive symptoms

..One hundred two practitioners were randomly assigned into 3 conditions: gratitude, hassle, and nil-treatment. Those with scheduled long leaves were excluded. Participants in the gratitude and hassle group wrote work-related gratitude and hassle diaries respectively twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks. A no-diary group served as control. Depressive symptoms (primary outcome) and perceived stress (secondary outcome) were collected at baseline, posttreatment, and 3-month follow-up..

Conclusion: Taking stock of thankful events is an effective approach to reduce stress and depressive symptoms among health care practitioners.