How the #weather affects the #pain of citizen scientists using a smartphone app

Weather has been thought to affect symptoms in patients with chronic disease since the time of Hippocrates over 2000 years ago. Around three-quarters of people living with arthritis believe their pain is affected by the weather..

..Precipitation was not associated with an increased odds of a pain event (OR 0.996 (0.989–1.003) per 1 mm daily rainfall amount)..

..This study has demonstrated that higher relative humidity and wind speed, and lower atmospheric pressure, were associated with increased pain severity in people with long-term pain conditions. The most significant contribution was from relative humidity. The effect of weather on pain was not fully explained by its day-to-day effect on mood or physical activity.

The overall effect sizes, while statistically significant, were modest. For example, the ‘worst’ combination of weather variables would increase the odds of a pain event by just over 20% compared to an average day. Nonetheless, such an increased risk may be meaningful to people living with chronic pain..