Changes in Consumption of Sugary Beverages and Artificially #Sweetened Beverages and Subsequent Risk of Type 2 #Diabetes: Results From Three Large Prospective U.S. Cohorts of Women and Men

artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs)

..After adjustment for BMI and initial and changes in diet and lifestyle covariates, increasing total sugary beverage intake (including both sugar-sweetened beverages and 100% fruit juices) by >0.50 serving/day over a 4-year period was associated with a 16% (95% CI 1%, 34%) higher diabetes risk in the subsequent 4 years. Increasing ASB consumption by >0.50 serving/day was associated with 18% (2–36%) higher diabetes risk. Replacing one daily serving of sugary beverage with water, coffee or tea, but not ASB, was associated with a 2–10% lower diabetes risk.

CONCLUSIONS Increasing consumption of sugary beverages or ASBs was associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, albeit the latter may be affected by reverse causation and surveillance bias.