Comparative evaluation of topical diclofenac sodium vs topical Ibuprofen in the treatment of #seborrheic keratosis.

In 2016, a case of seborrheic keratosis was successfully treated with diclofenac gel 3%. Diclofenac gel mechanism of action is most likely through induction of apoptosis. This study included 30 patients with multiple seborrheic keratosis.

One lesion was treated with topical diclofenac sodium gel 1% and another lesion with topical ibuprofen gel applied twice daily for 8 weeks. Adobe photoshop CS6 was used to measure the surface area of the lesions before treatment and after 8 weeks.

There was a highly statistically significant difference in the surface area of the lesions before and after treatment with topical diclofenac 1% gel (P = 0.001) but there was no statistically significant difference with topical ibuprofen gel (P = 0.057).

There was a highly significant difference between the 2 treatment regimens as regard the percentage of change in surface area of the lesions, with higher change in the diclofenc 1% gel treated group (P = 0.001). No patients complain from any side effect from either treatment.