Interventions to Improve #Statin Tolerance and Adherence in Patients at Risk for #Cardiovascular Disease

Strategies to improve patients’ tolerance of and adherence to statins may enhance the effectiveness of dyslipidemia treatment in those at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD)..

..One SR, 1 RCT, and 4 cohort studies were included. The SR found that intensified patient care improved adherence and decreased levels of total serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) at 6 months or more of follow-up. Compared with statin treatment discontinuation, nondaily statin dosing lowered total cholesterol and LDL-C levels. One large cohort study suggested that more than 90% of patients who discontinued statin treatment could be rechallenged with the same or a different statin and be adherent 1 year after a statin-related adverse event led to discontinuation. Two small cohort studies reported that more than 90% of patients who were previously intolerant to statins and who had low baseline levels of vitamin D were able to adhere to statins 1 year after vitamin D supplementation.

This is a qualitative synthesis of new evidence with existing meta-analyses, and studies had several methodological shortcomings.

Although the strength of evidence for most interventions was low or very low, intensified patient care and rechallenge with the same or a different statin (or a lower dose) seem to be favorable options for improving statin adherence.