..Among 22,638 patients, 20,585 (90.9%) were white, 918 (4.1%) were black, 404 (1.8%) were Asian, and 473 (2.1%) were Hispanic. Baseline and angiographic characteristics differed among groups. Five-year major adverse cardiac event rates were 18.8% in white patients (reference group), compared with 23.9% in black patients (p = 0.0009), 11.2% in Asian patients (p = 0.0007), and 21.5% in Hispanic patients (p = 0.07). Multivariate analysis demonstrated an independent association between black race and 5-year risk for major adverse cardiac events (hazard ratio: 1.28; 95% confidence interval: 1.05 to 1.57; p = 0.01).

In the present large-scale individual patient data pooled analysis, comorbidities were significantly more frequent in minority-group patients than in white patients enrolled in coronary stent randomized controlled trials. After accounting for these differences, black race was an independent predictor of worse outcomes, whereas Hispanic ethnicity and Asian race were not. Further research examining race-based outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention is warranted to understand these differences.