Serum CA72-4 is specifically elevated in #gout patients and predicts flares

..CA72-4 was highly expressed in patients with gouty arthritis [median (interquartile range) 4.55 (1.56, 32.64) U/ml] compared with hyperuricaemia patients [1.47 (0.87, 3.29) U/ml], healthy subjects [1.59 (0.99, 3.39) U/ml] and other arthritis patients [septic arthritis, 1.38 (0.99, 2.66) U/ml; RA, 1.58 (0.95, 3.37) U/ml; SpA, 1.56 (0.98, 2.85) U/ml; OA, 1.54 (0.94, 3.34) U/ml; P < 0.001, respectively]. Gout patients with frequent flares (twice or more in the last year) had higher CA72-4 levels than patients with fewer flares (fewer than twice in the last year). High CA72-4 level (>6.9 U/ml) was the strongest predictor of gout flares (hazard ratio = 3.889). Prophylactic colchicine was effective, especially for patients with high CA72-4 levels (P = 0.014).


CA72-4 levels were upregulated in gout patients who experienced frequent flares and CA72-4 was a useful biomarker to predict future flares.