#Education, Race/Ethnicity, and Causes of Premature #Mortality Among Middle-Aged Adults in 4 US Urban Communities: Results From CARDIA, 1985–2017

..Our primary outcome was years of potential life lost (YPLL).

Results. The age-adjusted mortality rate per 1000 persons was 45.17 among Black men, 25.20 among White men, 17.63 among Black women, and 10.10 among White women. Homicide and AIDS were associated with the most YPLL, but cancer and cardiovascular disease were the most common causes of death. In multivariable models, each level of education achieved was associated with 1.37 fewer YPLL (P = .007); race/ethnicity was not independently associated with YPLL.

Conclusions. Lower education level was an independent predictor of greater YPLL