The Risk of Head #Injuries Associated With Antipsychotic Use Among Persons With #Alzheimer’s disease

Antipsychotic use is associated with risk of falls among older persons, but we are not aware of previous studies investigating risk of head injuries. We studied the association of antipsychotic use and risk of head injuries among community dwellers with Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

..Antipsychotic use was associated with an increased risk of head injuries (event rate per 100 person‐years = 1.65 [95% confidence interval {CI} = 1.50‐1.81] for users and 1.26 [95% CI = 1.16‐1.37] for nonusers; IPT‐weighted hazard ratio [HR] = 1.29 [95% CI = 1.14‐1.47]) and TBIs (event rate per 100 person‐years = 0.90 [95% CI = 0.79‐1.02] for users and 0.72 [95% CI = 0.65‐0.81] for nonusers; IPT‐weighted HR = 1.22 [95% CI = 1.03‐1.45]). Quetiapine users had higher risk of TBIs (IPT‐weighted HR = 1.60 [95% CI = 1.15‐2.22]) in comparison to risperidone users.


These findings imply that in addition to previously reported adverse events and effects, antipsychotic use may increase the risk of head injuries and TBIs in persons with AD. Therefore, their use should be restricted to most severe neuropsychiatric symptoms, as recommended by the AGS Beers Criteria®. Additionally, higher relative risk of TBIs in quetiapine users compared to risperidone users should be confirmed in further studies.