#Dementia and the risk of death in elderly patients with #COVID‐19 infection: Systematic review and meta‐analysis

The COVID‐19 infection represents a global public health emergency worldwide. Several risk factors have been associated with a poor prognosis among COVID‐19 patients. We aimed to perform a systemic review and meta‐analysis to evaluate the mortality risk in elderly patients with dementia and COVID‐19 infection..

..A total of 233 articles were retrieved; 158 were excluded for not meeting the inclusion criteria, leaving 75 articles to assess for eligibility. After evaluation of the full‐text articles, 8 met the inclusion criteria and were thus included into the final analysis (6493 patients ‐ mean age: 69.6 years). Among COVID‐19 patients, the prevalence of dementia was higher in non survivors compared with survivors (17.5% vs 5.4%, p<0.001). The pooled analysis performed using a random‐effect model showed an increase in the risk of death in COVID‐19 patients with dementia (Odds Ratio3.75; 95% Confidence Interval: 2.54 ‐ 5.54, p<0.0001, I2=49.5%) The Egger’s regression test confirmed that there were not statistically evidences of publication bias (t=0.059; p=0.954).

Our preliminary results suggest that patients with COVID‐19 infection and dementia have a higher mortality risk in the short‐term period compared with infected non‐demented individuals. Due to their intrinsic frailty, dementia patients may require a more aggressive treatment and prompt isolation to improve their short‐term outcome.