Increased risk of acute #stroke among patients with severe #COVID‐19: a multicenter study and meta‐analysis

Recent observations linked coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) to thromboembolic complications possibly mediated by increased blood coagulability and inflammatory endothelial impairment. We aimed to define the risk of acute stroke in patients with severe and non‐severe COVID‐19..

..Of 165 patients hospitalized for COVID‐19 (49.1% males, median age 67 [57‐79], 72.1% severe or critical) included in the multicenter study, overall stroke rate was 4.2% (95%CI: 1.9‐8.7). Systematic literature search identified two observational studies involving 576 patients that were eligible for meta‐analysis. Among 741 pooled COVID‐19 patients overall stroke rate was 2.9% (95%CI: 1.9‐4.5). Risk of acute stroke was increased for patients with severe compared to non‐severe COVID‐19 (RR 4.18, 95%CI 1.7‐10.25; p=0.002) with no evidence of heterogeneity (I2=0%, p=0.82).

Synthesized analysis of data from our multicenter study and previously published cohorts indicate that severity of COVID‐19 is associated with an increased risk of acute stroke