Low‐Dose #Aspirin for Primary Prevention of #Cardiovascular Disease: Use Patterns and Impact Across Race and Ethnicity in the Southern Community Cohort Study

..Over a median follow‐up of 11.3 years, low‐dose aspirin use was associated with a trend toward decreased risk of ischemic cardiac death in white participants (adjusted hazard ratio: 0.86; 95% CI, 0.68–1.10), especially in women (adjusted hazard ratio: 0.72; 95% CI, 0.51–1.02), but not in black participants (adjusted hazard ratio: 1.18; 95% CI, 0.98–1.40). Similar trends were observed when the analysis was restricted to high‐risk individuals aged 50 to 69 or 50 to 59 years, ages for which guidelines consider aspirin for CVD primary prevention.

Low‐dose aspirin use for primary prevention of CVD is lower among black than white patients. Its use might be associated with a disparate impact on ischemic cardiac death according to race and ethnicity. Although additional studies are required, these findings provide no evidence of a beneficial effect of aspirin among black patients for CVD primary prevention.