Family history of #cancer and subsequent risk of cancer: A large‐scale population‐based prospective study in Japan

Family history (FH) of cancer is an important factor of increased risk of several cancers..

During 1,802,581 person‐years of follow‐up, a total of 16,336 newly diagnosed cancers were identified. Any site (Hazard ratios = 1.11 (95% confidence interval = 1.07–1.15]), esophagus (2.11 [1.00–4.45]), stomach (1.36 [1.19–1.55]), liver (1.69 [1.10–2.61]), pancreas (2.63 [1.45–4.79]), lung (1.51 [1.14–2.00]), uterus (1.93 [1.06–3.51]) and bladder cancers (6.06 [2.49–14.74]) with FH of the concordant cancer were associated with an increased risk compared to those without FH.

Our findings suggest that having FH of cancer is associated with an increased risk of several concordant cancer incidences in an Asian population. Enquiring about FH of several types of cancer may be important in identifying groups at high‐risk of those cancers.